Home Music Discography: Dirty Glam, Pretty Boy Floyd
Album Title: Dirty Glam
Artist: Pretty Boy Floyd
Genre: Glam Metal
Release Date: 2004
Record Label: Mausoleum
Track List:
1 Good Girl Gone Bad
2 Rock & Roll Outlaws
3 Shy Diane
4 Shout It Out Loud
5 Leather Boyz With Electric Toys
6 I Wanna Be With You
7 Saturday Nite (In The Usa)
8 48 Hours
9 Summer Luv
10 Your Momma Won't Know
11 Restless
12 Set The Nite On Fire
13 Department Of Youth
14 Shut Up
15 Ganster Of Love
16 Hands Off My Radio
17 Some Kind Of Voodoo
18 We've Got Rock & Roll
19 Leather Boyz With Electric Toys (Demo)
Dirty Glam
Tonight Belongs To The Young
A Tale of Sex, Designer Drugs, and the Death of Rock N Roll
The Greatest Collection
Glam As Fuck
Porn Stars
Live At The Pretty Ugly Club
Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz
Kristy Majors - Sex, Drugs 'N' Rock N Roll